HVM Compressed Air Filter Systems, Basket Strainers & Cyclone Separators certified to ASME, PED & CRN

Compressed air filter systems or gas filter systems by Houston Vessel Manufacturing (HVM) provide operators with highly efficient filtration, matched to their specific operating requirements.

Flow rates, operating pressures and temperatures - in addition to consideration for the product being filtered - are all taken into account when selecting the right filtration package for the job. HVM offers a wide range of filtration solutions if you are looking for a prefilter, afterfilter, particulate filter, cyclone filter, threaded filter, flanged filter or high pressure filtration package for ensuring the highest quality of filtration.

Carbon Steel Filters with microfilter technology for use in compressed air and gas applications. Stainless Steel Filters with microfilter technology for use with corrosive gas and high-tech applications. Our filter element designs have been thoroughly researched to provide maximum product purification with the smallest possible housing. Additionally, the HVM filter element design extends the life expectancy of the actual element.

HVM offers a number of filter technologies, configurations and filter solutions to meet whatever filtration requirements you may have. Our engineers work with you our customers at the earliest stages of design to develop optimum filter system solutions. HVM can provide your filtration needs from basket strainers to cyclone separators to both standard and custom designed air and gas filtration systems. HVM can provide the engineering, design and fabrication to meet your exact Compressed air filter needs.

Filter Products: