HVM Capabilities and Services

Houston Vessel Manufacturing Company offers a wide range of capabilities and services in order to meet the customer's specific needs.

HVM designs, fabricates, and tests standard and customized Pressure Vessels, as well as skidded systems for use in the oil and gas, chemical, and industrial industries.

At HVM have a manufacturing area ideal for both large and small projects. It has a lifting capacity of 80 tons and a hook height of 25 feet, making it suitable for both large and small projects.

Fabrication standards

Manufacturing capacity

  • Ton (18,100 kg) capacity each
  • Piping and Vessels
  • Custom internals - design and fabricate
  • Ladders and platforms, structures, skids - ABS, DNV certification

Special machines and equipment

  • Three 75-foot (22.9 M) X 390 foot (73 M) Bridge Cranes @ 20-ton (18,100 kg) capacity each
  • Certification

Services with added value

  • Certified equipment and personnel for hydro testing of piping and vessels
  • HVM's next-generation roll forming machine which allows all connections to be efficiently tracked directly from the client's approved drawings.



Houston Vessel Manufactuirng

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