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A leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels, Process Skids, Filtration, Pig Lauchers

Packages and Process Skid Fabrication

ASME, PED and CRN Pressure Vessels and Process Skid Fabrication


A leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessels, 3 phase separators, Process Skids and other high-quality products

Houston Vessel Manufacturing (HVM) serves custom equipment providers (OEMs) and manufacturers. Capabilities include a full range of engineering, design, project management, quality control, and fabrication services for ASME, PED and CRN certified vessels, filtration systems and skid-mounted process systems. HVM does not limit its custom fabrication capabilities to pressure vessels and process tanks. Whether the need is a custom vessel, air receivers, or any variation of process skids, HVM has the solution to fit that need. HVM products and services continue to prove their value oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, refining, industrial, and construction. To those and other industries, the company offers high-quality, low-cost, custom-engineered products for customers' needs for new equipment. HVM manufactures in accordance with the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), CRN (Canadian Registration Number), PED (European Standards Pressure Equipment Directive), Australian Standard AS1210, Brazilian NR-13, and others. More important, HVM manufactures to each customer's specifications. An extensive quality-control system ensures that all customers needs have been carefully served with properly designed, constructed, inspected per ASME and the required specifications.

Skid System


Houston Vessels Manufacturing Provides a wide variety of custom vessels built to customer specifications

Pressure Vessels

The manufacture of high pressure, low pressure, vacuum, refrigeration, heating, separation or secondary containment vessels is one of our specialties.


we offer a wide variety of available filtration technologies, configurations and solutions to meet your filtration requirements.

Process Skid

Our team builds custom skids and integrated packages for process plants that may include piping, valves, instrumentation, wiring, control, and test panels.

Pig Launchers & Receivers

We manufacture pig launchers and receivers that are built for long-lasting efficiency, exceptional design quality, and customized in terms of size, pressure, and color.

Heat Exchanger Fabrication

Our goal at HVM is to provide you with the best custom-built Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers to meet your need.

Custom solutions

Houston Vessel Manufacturing can also fabricate one-of-a-kind custom parts for our clients who require challenging vessel design on their project.


Houston Vessel Manufacturing (HVM) designs and manufactures custom pressure vessels, process skids, process piping systems and packaged equipment skids, and other specialty products.

ASME Certified Pressure Vessel

Custom Solutions Designed to Your Needs
Custom Pressure Vessel Demister

ASME/PED/CRN certified pressure vessel
Compressor package

Compressor package fully fabricated and assembled in house
Custom Pressure Vessel-Stainless Steel

ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and Division 2, U, U2
Activated Carbon Tower vessel

Various industries, electronics, pharmaceutical, food, oil and gas, and more
Shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers
Shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers
Flange Filter Pressure Vessel

Advanced flange filter vessel for precise industrial filtration applications


Houston Vessel Manufacturing provides custom pressure vessels that are designed for maximum efficiency and usage. Our team at HVM is committed to supporting you and your project from start to finish.

Engineering Services

Using the latest engineering and design techniques, HVM's engineers and designers meet all customer specifications.


HVM excels in all areas of manufacturing for the process industries and remains committed to providing the highest quality process equipment and services.


Houston Vessel Manufacturing prides itself on having the necessary certificates of authorization and excellent manufacturing standards for its pressure vessels.

Are you ready to elevate your air, liquid, and gas filtration?

Houston Vessel Manufacturing is the leading team in creating customized tanks, vessels and filtration solutions that can help optimize any process. Let us show you what we can do by contacting our sales team. Give your project a boost with HVM engineering excellence!


Houston Vessel Manufacturing displays professionalism and commitment in all of its projects. Learn about the latest manufacturing technologies and news.

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