Dehydrator Vessels by Houston Vessel Manufacturing

November 13, 2014 by HVM
Dehydrator Vessels
Dehydrator Vessel

Houston Vessel Manufacturing Group a leading Vessel Design and Manufacturing Company located in Houston Texas, has recently completed the design and fabrication of three (3) each Dehydrator vessels for UOP / Thomas Russell. Each vessel was 84" ID x 2 5/8" Wall Thickness x 289" AOL. The vessels were designed for an operating pressure of 1,095 Psig at a temperature of 6000 F.

The overall design was coordinated with UOP to meet their stringent design requirements. The complete vessel included internal bed support, stingers and ladders and platforms. Total weight of each vessel was 77,000 lbs and was design and tested to both ASME Section VIII Div I and supplier specifications. Contact us through our website at for your specific needs

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