Pressure Vessels, Filtration Systems and Process Skids

Houston Vessel Manufacturing Announces It's Been Awarded Exclusive Contracts with Generon IGS

Houston vessel manufacturing is proud to announce it's been awarded exclusive contracts with Generon IGS and its sister company global nitrogen services. The contract is for fabrication of all filter housings, separators, carbon filter, demister and adsorber vessels, and associated launcher / receiver systems.

HVM is looking forward to our continued growth with such highly respected companies much like Generon IGS.

Looking forward to the challenges of producing high quality low cost and timely delivery of products as is required by such companies as Generon IGS and global nitrogen services is what HVM strives for. Having Generon IGS and Global Nitrogen Services added to our customer base greatly increases our reach into the domestic and overseas markets.

At HVM we are known for customer satisfaction and "Keeping the Pressure On"